Friday, May 25, 2012

The Bottle Wrench, A Review

Photo courtesy The Bottle Wrench
Every now and and then, you come across an item and say to yourself "Duh, why didn't I think of that?" That's exactly what I thought when I happened upon The Bottle Wrench, billed as "the manliest bottle opener you'll ever own". An item so functional, yet, so simply designed, you don't know if it's the brainchild of Bob Vila or Handy Manny. Actually, it's neither. Jake Crawley, who comes to us from Savannah, GA, is the creator, or should I say the mastermind, behind The Bottle Wrench. An idea that came about because he was tired of using his wife's wimpy wine bottle opener to open his manly beer bottles. If you've ever had to use a wine opener, you know how emasculating it could be if another male species ever witnessed it. Jake says he went out to his garage and just a couple of hours later, voila! I'm still not sure what took him so long, but what a great invention it is.

Photo by @DrinkPro
Here's the scoop: The Bottle wrench arrived in a manly brown paper bag tied in a 4-way pattern with twine and knotted in the middle with a bow. I imagine this is the only input from a female in the entire process. The opener itself is an actual living wrench - a brand new tool from a real toolbox. Not some imitation wrench with a sticker on it that says "Not For Actual Use" like those replica football helmets. No, this is the real McCoy. Although they come in various sizes, the Bottle Wrench I received is the 1/2", their most popular size. It has a modified end that allows it to perfectly grip the bottle cap and destroy it in an instant!

Photo by @DrinkPro
All Bottle Wrenches are individually hand cut and specially modified allowing all manly energy to be transferred directly to the cap and leaves the bottle neck ever purring for your lips (sorry guys, my wife is reading 50 Shades of Grey). On the opposite end of the wrench, it comes with a loop of military-grade 550 Paracord, so, it's durable enough to take camping with you or hang it on your work bench or from your key ring. And, if you need to open a soda for the wife, simply flip the wrench over and use it to pry up the can tab so she doesn't break a nail.

If I could make any improvements to the The Bottle Wrench, I would change the way the Paracord ends are melted to keep from fraying. It leaves an eyesore at the end of what is an otherwise decent, manly look. Another thing I would do is offer more colors for the Paracord, maybe collegiate colors. Jake says this is in his plans. Current colors available are Red, White and Blue> OD Green> Red and White> Blue and White.

The Bottle Wrench can be purchased online at . They make a great gift and Jake tells me he's even had wedding parties order them. How thoughtful of a groom to think of his men like that!

The price ranges from $8 for a smaller version to $10 for the original size. Shipping is about $3 and he does offer discounts on multiple quantities. Larger size wrenches are available as well. Check out the website for more details.

Product background:
The Bottle Wrench, Savannah, GA

Jake Crawley, Inventor
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